Preventing the spread of mussels

Quagga and zebra mussels are like hitchhikers – they easily attach themselves to boats, trailers or any other form of watercraft that has been exposed to an infested waterway.  There are three simple ways you can help keep mussels out of our waterways:

  1. Clean: Wash your boat or watercraft immediately after leaving a waterway.  Clean all internal and external compartments of your watercraft.  A hot water pressure system is recommended.

  2. Drain: Leave the water in the waterway.  Empty all internal and external compartments of your watercraft.

  3. Dry: Mussels live in water – keeping your watercraft dry when leaving a waterway will ensure they don’t hitch a ride.


For helpful tips on how to inspect your vessel for mussels or to learn more, please visit one of the below websites: